Living the dream and playing abroad with a European youth soccer academy through their residency program can be an incredible opportunity for aspiring young footballers. These programs provide players with the chance to immerse themselves in a new culture, receive top-level training, and compete against some of the best talents from around the world.


Young soccer players are highly motivated to achieve their dreams, and the opportunity to explore a new country and culture can have a lasting, positive impact on their future. Through the PEFC Player pathway programs, these players will:

1. Immerse themselves completely in the experience.
2. Attend a prestigious and well-established high school.
3. Reside with a carefully selected host family.
4. Familiarize themselves with the host country as if they were locals.
5. Receive unwavering support from the dedicated PEFC staff throughout their journey.

This unique program combines education with top-level soccer  providing an unforgettable life experience for participants. The following benefits are included:

* Airfare to and from the host country.
* Placement in a reputable high school.
* Accommodation with a thoroughly vetted host family.
* Meals provided during their stay.
* Excursions to enhance cultural understanding.
* Comprehensive medical and travel insurance coverage.
* Around-the-clock support available 24/7.

These offerings ensure that young athletes receive the necessary resources and assistance to fully immerse themselves in this enriching opportunity.