Kyle Lunt


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Coach Kyle’s passion for soccer began as a young child in the Central Valley where he developed his skills and love for the game that earned him opportunities to play at a higher level in the Bay Area. He remained in the ODP system throughout his teenage years, playing for the Region IV team and gaining valuable experience at a national level. Coach Kyle achieved numerous successes as a player, including the Super Y-league U17 National Championship with the Danville Mustangs and winning a Pac-10 Championship with UC Berkeley. These experiences have given him a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed at a high level and have honed his skills as both a player and coach. Now, he focuses his time on giving back to the community to train aspiring athletes to achieve their goals and reach their full potential on and off the field.



playing experience

Region IV Team (ODP)

Danville Mustangs

UC Berkeley Soccer

Coaching Experience

2018-2020 FC Royale Soccer Club

2018-2020 French American International School

2009-2019 UC Berkeley Soccer Camps


First-Aid and CPR